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A little about us first:
Kevin Monsell-Tucker
Photography became a passion of mine when I received my first 35mm camera on my tenth birthday, and, as I couldn't wait to use the film, went to the local church to take some photographs of a wedding being held there. Everything was manual on it, so I had to learn quickly about exposure times, light readings, aperture settings, etc, and quickly discovered and exciting and absorbing hobby. Even at th1e age of ten, with a brand new camera, (and being a lot shorter then!) the family were impressed and the brides father offered to teach me how to develop and print my own pictures. There is nothing quite like exposing a sheet of paper, placing it in the developer tray and watching the image appear before your very eyes. I was hooked!

Throughout the years, I experimented with various cameras, lenses, different types of film, lighting equipment and have achieved good results, but never seemed able to achieve the quality of results I was searching for.

About twelve years ago I made the transition from film to digital format, initially having my 35mm films transferred to CD-Roms and then in 2004 I purchased my first digital camera. Although it produced excellent results for its time, the technology was way behind the quality of film cameras, but it was more than adequate for my hobby use. The advancements made in technology recently have made leaps and bounds, and the Canon digital SLR which I use has produced some astounding (though I say it myself!) results which I never achieved before, even with film,with some photographs being worthy of an exhibition. 

I have always wanted to share my hobby and make small changes in peoples' lives by providing them with lifelong memories of their major events, such as weddings, the birth of a new baby, an anniversary, etc. 

Please browse through the portfolio, and if you think my services may be of use to you, I would consider it an honour to be there to record your memories for you...
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